”Gravity” – Lord of the Awards Tonight?

by yemenity2010

OK. So I’ve only seen roughly a handful of the films which will matter tonight. But only because you can do it anyway; here are some predictions about the winners in the more prestigious categories. In this year’s Oscar Awards Show, which I’ll probably not stay up and watch. After all, with the time difference and a ordinary working Monday coming up here in a grey, late-winter Sweden… Well, you get the idea. 

Quite a lot of awards are about technical skills, special effects, editing and costumes. It seems rather uncontroversial guessing many of those will end up with the makers of ”Gravity” (which I still haven’t seen, but I hope to do so quite soon).

Anyway. Predictions, or in most cases just a wild outright guessing game:

Best Documentary Feature: ”The Act of Killing” (directed by Joshua Oppenheimer). I’ve only seen some parts of this study in ‘the banality of evil’ (if you dare define the topic as such) but some day I will get around to watching the whole thing. I hope.

Best Original Song: ”Ordinary Love” by U2 from the recent Mandela biopic. Maybe I should listen to other songs in this category first, but….

Best Original Score: Steven Price for ”Gravity”

Best Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki for ”Gravity”

Best Foreign Language Film: ”The Hunt” by Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark). I should have seen this much-talked about film long ago, it seems. Hopefully I will. Soon…

Best Screenplay based on something already written, sort of: John Ridley. ”12 Years a Slave”. That is some heavy stuff, people.

Best Original Screenplay: Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell for ”American Hustle”. In a category where I still haven’t seen any of the nominated films. Just going with a gut feeling that might be completely off.

Best Directing: Alfonso Cuarón for ”Gravity”. Surely his night of Victory will really gain momentum there, right?

Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o for ”12 Years a Slave”. Young, fresh, brilliant in a demanding role.

Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto in ”Dallas Buyers Club”. No, haven’t seen it,  but all the buzz concerning his transgender transformation has to mean something significant here.

Best Leading Actress: Sandra Bullock. According to a recent statistical study she’s seen or heard for 75 minutes out of roughly 90, which translates into 87 percent. And in this timeframe she’s obviously made quite a lot of impact.

Best Supporting Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor in ”12 Years a Slave”. Possibly Matthew McConaughey can compete with his turn in ”Dallas Buyers Club”. Anyway, serious parts in really serious stories tend to beat the relatively more lightweight roles in a situation like this, no?

Best Movie altogether: ”Nebraska”. No, just kidding. ”Philomena. ”Kidding again”. And even if ”Captain Phillips” is quite an impressive film and ”Her” has had a lot of encouraging buzz lately, it simply has to be ”Gravity” here as well. Soon available on DVD here in Sweden, by the way. Soon…

But maybe I forgot the category Short Documentaries. After all, here you find ”Pittäkö mun kaikki hoitaa”, from Finland; obviously a real global box office smash to be.