From Russia With Love: Possibly the Best Interview of 2015

by yemenity2010

They talk. And talk. Some of them better and offering more substance than others. These chosen ones who at some points got themselves handed their very own talk show. Most of the really influential ones are located in the USA. Including one very British, bespectacled gentleman who used to hone his craft for years as a ‘correspondent’ at The Daily Show hosted by a certain Jon Stewart (you know, the guy who in turn handed these reins over to Trevor Noah last summer): John Oliver. At the moment he is my personal favourite in the business we’re talking about. He is committed, energetic with an unusual pathos and he dares to spend more time than most colleagues, going in depth investigating current topics within the framework of a half-hour weekly show on HBO. One of the high points of his Last Week Tonight show last year was a trip to Russia for an interview with the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The combination of the exiled, quietly reflective critic of surveillance society and Mr Oliver’s unpredictable interviewing technique made for an instant classic in this particular genre.