Game for a Laugh? Seriously Fun Stuff from 2015

by yemenity2010

Apparently it used to be a popular entertainment program on British TV, for a couple of years back in the 1980’s. ”Game for a Laugh”, that is. I don’t think I ever had an opportunity to see it myself. But it did inspire a hysterically funny sketch on the likewise British satire show ”Not the Nine o’clock News”, dealing with the concept of ordinary citizens manipulated into taking part in practical jokes in TV, with some disturbing results.

Disturbing and drastic are also adjectives that can be useful for describing what happens in the world of ”Game of Thrones”, a phenomenon with few equals in today’s television drama landscape. Maybe the sense of humour isn’t the most prominent feature of the HBO flagship (though it is there, too) but one of the more intriguing consequences of its success are the regularly occurring parodies and pastiches produced in its wake. Like these two items, both qualifying for a spot on my personal list of cultural high points of 2015. The first one being actor Kit Harington starring as the the deeply solemn and serious-minded bastard and Night’s Watch man Jon Snow, in this case invited to a fashionable New York dinner party by talk show host Seth Meyers.

Harington also has a crucial part to play in the unfortunately still not quite finished project ”Game of Thrones – the Musical”, with compositions by Coldplay and a bunch of ”GoT” actors signing up to sing and – in some cases – dance a little as well. 2015 has been a year with many troublesome things happening in the world, but there were some bright spots in the culture department, at least. Here you can find two of them…