Memorable Music Videos 2016: ”The Veil” – Peter Gabriel

by yemenity2010

The man is not as prolific as he used to be. Still, the former Genesis frontman can boast a legacy superior to most other musicians this past half-century. And when he does record something new, you better pay attention. ”The Veil” is included in ”Snowden”, the Oliver Stone biopic released earlier this fall. And yes, it deals explicitly with that film’s protagonist, Edward Snowden. The song itself is decidedly not instantaneously ’catchy’, it doesn’t have a distinct ’hook’ and neither is it conceived as a hit in the traditional sense. Gabriel is not even trying to do that. And he’s never been traditional. Instead it sneaks up on you. Experimental? Yes, you might say that. Atmospheric? Check. A bit ambiguous and mysterious, the way many of his other great songs come across. The visuals, containing clips from the movie, reflect a world that we (especially a year like this) might have come to know as conflictive and confusing but also shows signs of hope and courage under fire in the midst of it all. Take a look and have a listen.

Also, you might check out this compilation of songs, considered by a Guardian journalist to be ten of the best Peter Gabriel’s ever recorded. Not necessarily the ones I would have picked in all cases, but hey, we’re talking a mind-blowing amount of clever compositions to choose from…