My Gendrified ‘Game’ Theory Still in Play?

by yemenity2010

Best laid plans… Don’t always result in the desired outcome. Expect the unexpected in the last two episodes of ”Game of Thrones”? Photo Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO.

So, still around, isn’t he? Oh – for those of you not up to date on current events in the world of ”Game of Thrones”, here might be a few spoilers. Or more correctly, there are. Not too many, but still; my man Gendry did survive The Long Night and subsequently got snubbed by Arya. At least in the form of a Lady to accompany him at ”Storm’s End”, for which he’d just been appointed caretaker manager. Or maybe simply ”Lord”. Queen Daenerys is trying to make new friends, although her impatience seems to create more problems than before – as if she needed more of those. The latest episode got intensely emotional in the last half hour and we’re definitely back to the uncertainties and complexities from the early seasons. So, a few weeks ago I toyed with the idea of Gendry the Blacksmith, Baratheon bastard, could eventually turn out to be the ruler of all seven kingdoms after all other options have been exhausted. Not entirely surprisingly, there are others out there considering a similar outcome. Like in the most recent episode of Entertainment Weekly’s Game of Thrones podcast, available ’where you get your podcasts’ or simply their website. Their Gendryfication prediction is pronounced 20 minutes into their analysis of the ”Last of the Starks” episode. If, that is, anyone at all should have absolute power. Which is also a topic briefly raised later in this particular podisode. Well then, 71 ”GoT” chapters down, two more to go. A lot more can, and probably will, happen. But I guess I have to rule out Theon being involved in running an ice hotel business north of the wall. At least he went out on top.


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